Tuesday, January 25, 2011

EcoUrban 3.0: Building Sustainable Solutions Kicks Ass

Reboot. EcoUrban 3.0.

It has been a long and bumpy road from idea to execution, but I think we've finally found EcoUrban's sweet spot. Having pioneered infill green-certified housing over the past 5 years with our first homes changing owners for the first time, we have found a way to keep the lights on and continue to push residential housing toward a more affordable and efficient future.

In September 2010, Nate Forst headed west to pursue his MBA at Portland State University with a focus on sustainability and all reports to date have been encouraging and while the office is much emptier we wish him the very best.

Over the years, we have learned that we excel in the conception, promotion and execution of authentic green solutions to residential, commerical and regional challenges. We've learned to be better partners & collaborators where we lack necessary skill sets. And we believe, that EcoUrban has a lot more to offer our clients than well-built energy-efficient dwellings. We also have learned that we have a lot to learn!

Yes, EcoUrban will continue to offer a range of historic & modern construction design services including residential, commercial and prefabricated design, but our services are being expanded to incorporate new opportunities.

Currently, our to-do list is focused on a sustainable consulting project where we were awarded the Regional Construction & Demolition Waste Research & Education project that we've partnered with
Butterfly Energy Works & USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter to deliver in-depth research, focus groups and on web-friendly online toolkit to educate our region about the opportunities for increased construction waste diversion.

We launched
Sprout to activate dated or soon to be vacant commerical space in need of focused tenant solutions. This works allows us to engage entrepreneurs and small businesses in specific fields seeking a collaborative office environment with building owners in need of energized new tenants. Look for the development of a creative/media focused Sprout, as well as another Sprout focused on community development, architecture and artists.

We continue to believe that making green building affordable to all is our long-term goal and common thread, and to this end, we plan to continue to seek out multi-family rental opportunities across the region, affordable housing developments in urban and rural areas with a focus on access to public transit and developing walkable neighborhoods.

I'm hopeful that you'll continue to tell your network of family, friends and collegues about our efforts and services and with your support we'll be able to continue our efforts to build sustainable solutions!


Jemal Swoboda, Project Manager
EcoUrban: Building Sustainable Solutions
314-231-0400 ext. 4
314-662-0392 (cell)

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