Monday, December 31, 2007

EcoUrban Homes Named as Local Green Giant

EcoUrban Homes Named as Local Green Giant by St. Louis Magazine...below Nate Forst and I are looking pretty good - I mean who wouldn't buy a home from THESE guys...

And our LEED for Homes Platinum project in Benton Park West was featured as well:

Check out the interior shots and green features...

Thanks St. Louis Magazine, Steve Schenkenberg, Susan Jackson and Dilip Vishwanat for your great work and for your commitment to educating the community and your promotion of green!

Happy New Year and here is to a GREEN 2008!

Jay, Nate and Amos
EcoUrban Homes

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Lazy Environmentalist Rules

Just the other day , I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Josh Dorfman, AKA the Lazy Environmentalist . Josh is a great guy who is fostering a pragmatic and insightful approach to green living based on the notion that in order for green to become mainstream, it has to be something regular folks can get on board with.

The Lazy Environmentalist
"No guilt-trips. Never any sacrifice. Josh introduces listeners to cutting-edge, eco-friendly products and services and features interviews with the designers, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are demonstrating how many of today's best choices are green choices."

You can check out the interview in mp3 format here:

Part I - 11 minutes

Part II - 11 minutes

Enjoy and be sure to check out Josh's show everyday on Sirius-


Friday, November 16, 2007

Greenbuild 2007 -- An Aside

Hey all:

We were fortunate enough to attend Greenbuild 2007, the world's largest green building convention. After making the trip up to Chicago, we quickly made friends with some like-minded green folks and were treated to some excellent hospitality, Portland style, at the PDX Lounge.

The exhibit hall was quite a scene and we learned a lot while making great connections. The glut of new green technology was nothing short of amazing, and it was wild to see over 20,000 strong supporting the cause at the McCormick Center.

We received a lot of positive feedback for getting the first LEED Platinum home in the Midwest, and really enjoyed talking to people from around the world who are bringing green building to the forefront.

Standing in the middle of that ocean of people, one could really get the sense that the "green revolution" was reaching the mainstream. Got to keep spreading the word...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Latest

News of the Platinum Certification has really helped us get the word out there, and we have been receiving a lot of interest lately - especially from other developers and investors interested in single and mulit-family green rental units.

We're currently looking into some interesting projects -- as there has been a lot going on in the green community both in STL and beyond.

Thanks also to all of you out there who have been talking us up.

I wanted to give a shout out to one of the best modern/green sites out there: Jetson Green
You have to check out this resource if you are at all interested in the modern/green movement.

Also, check out our friends over at Low Impact Living. They are doing great work and are invaluable to websurfers seeking to "go green" in their daily lives.

Last but not least, I took this as a very good harbinger: Buffet bets on prefab homes.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Platinum, Baby!

More big news, folks.

Just heard from the USGBC: 3140 Pennsylvania is LEED for Homes Certified Platinum! Just the 10th Platinum residence in the country, and the FIRST home of any level in Missurah.

Man I wish I had time to celebrate...

Monday, September 24, 2007


It's going to be a busy weekend.

The next two EcoUrban units will be arriving at 3103 and 3105 Magnolia on Friday, and all are welcome to come and see the process -- it's really cool watching the houses get hoisted into place. The cranes should begin rolling around 8:00am and wrap up sometime around noon. Bring a sack lunch (or breakfast) and check it out.

In addition, the display at 3140 Pennsylvania is going to be "on tour" at the 6th annual EarthWays Green Homes House Tour:

And the good folks of Benton Park West are also presenting a house tour that will include our display home. The tour will embark from the Five Star Senior Center at 2832 Arsenal from 1pm to 4pm this Sunday September 30th.

So come on down folks and enjoy some EcoUrban good times.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Beyond Efficient...

Okay, so we knew our homes would be REALLY efficient.

But this is unreal.

Ladies and Gentleman, the actual August bill for our display home! We were hoping to average $75 a month at the display home but to hit $65 for the second hottest month this year in St. Louis?

Truly awesome.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Lots! Lots!

As of this posting folks, we have 4 serious couples (and a quite few more in the pipeline) who want to buy an EcoUrban Home.

When I say serious, I mean serious.

Naturally, they want to build on a great lot that meets their specifications.

So... we need to find lots.
Anybody out there with lots in Tower Grove, Benton Park, Lindenwood Park, St. Louis Hills, Maplewood, Kirkwood, U.City, Dogtown, CWE or similar 'hoods:


Friday, August 24, 2007

Green Summer

It's been a wild ride these last few months. From our grand opening and other events at the display home, to conceptualizing and planning for the arrival of our next two homes at 3103 and 3105 Magnolia, there has been little time to step back and collect my thoughts. So... with that in mind:

7 Lessons Learned this Green Summer:

1. Everyone loves the interior of the display at 3140 Pennsylvania
2. Not everyone is ready for modern design
3. Our level of efficiency is **even better** than we expected -- $70 per month!
4. I am an eternal optimist (when it comes to budgets)
5. SONOS rules!
6. People get really bored when I talk about insulation
7. And finally... if you build it....

Thanks to everyone -- friends, family, and new friends -- who came by to support/check out/learn about/potentially buy(!) an EcoUrban home. As of this post we are getting VERY close with a number of really cool folks. Who will be the first to EcoUrbanite in the Lou??? Stay tuned...

Below are some renderings of what our Magnolia Townhomes will look like... enjoy!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Interior Shots of 3140 Pennsylvania


Friday, June 08, 2007

Images from EcoUrban Grand Opening

Over 150 people joined us and Mayor Francis G. Slay on the hottest day of the year to celebrate the opening of EcoUrban's first home built in Benton Park West at 3140 Pennsylvania - St. Louis hottest green address. While the home took less than a month to build, from concept to reality more than 2 years of work was on display. We were overwhelmed with how well our first home came together and while we already have a list of planned improvements - Version 1.0 is a home to be proud of.

Now we just need some folks to buy this home (which is just the 6th LEED-Platinum home in the country) or to buy our home and build it on one of our 14 lots or on land anywhere they can imagine.

See images from the event at:

Images from Steve Patterson of

Project Manager Jay Swoboda with Mayor Francis G. Slay at Opening.

Friday, June 01, 2007

EcoUrban Homes Grand Opening - June 7th, 2007

Please join EcoUrban Homes, The Honorable Francis G. Slay, Mayor of St. Louis, Alderman Kenneth Ortmann, Alderwoman Kacie Tripplett as we usher in a new era of green construction in St. Louis.

Help us celebrate the completion of Missouri’s first precision built, LEED-registered home at our Grand Opening Celebration to be held June 7, 2007 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm at 3140 Pennsylvania Avenue in the Benton Park West Neighborhood of South St. Louis.

We are proud to offer a first look at the results of the EcoUrban construction philosophy-- green homes that combine great design with an unparalleled commitment to health and sustainable construction.

At EcoUrban, we incorporate an environmental program that is among the most comprehensive in new construction. The result: unique, healthy homes that are 80% more efficient than similar conventional residences.

Free Valet Parking will be available with food and drink provided by Pestalozzi Place and Erato Wine Bar.


Click here for DIRECTIONS

Live Green. Live Urban. Live EcoUrban.

- Varenna Kitchen Under Construction

- Bamboo Stairs going in on 5/30/07

- Fiber Cementboard Siding before paint and cedar trim

Monday, April 30, 2007

EcoUrban Units Arrive in Saint Louis

After what felt like decades of anticipation and wait, it took just six days after the first pieces of wood were nailed together in the factory for the units to be delivered. Our units arrived at 10 AM this morning and the 60 Ton crane that lifted them into place was packed up and gone by 2 PM. We had a nice crowd gather to watch the four "boxes" come together and by the end of the day we were weather tight and secure. Finally, what was once just an idea becomes reality.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Modules Under Construction in Factory

This is the real deal...EcoUrban units coming together at the modular factory. More later...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Signs, Sign, everywhere the Signs...

You would swear some out-of-towner deceided to drop these BEAUTIFUL site signs down on our two sites. I'm taking bets on how long they last before the neighborhood characters vandalize them - I'm hopeful - but realistic. We deceided to go with the modern facade for both signs even though the two homes on Magnolia will be historic. I felt it more important to have a common look and feel rather than attempting to confuse passer-bys with multiple signs.

Your feedback is always appreciated. ECO! ECO! ECO! ECO! ECO! ECO! ECO!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Upcoming Seminar on Green Homes

Time is flying by with our homes just weeks away from being delivered, and yet somehow I convinced a few people that I know what I'm doing AND...they invited me to share this knowledge IN CHICAGO! So in a few weeks, I'll be making the trip north (and stopping by IKEA) to spread the gospel of EcoUrban - Green and Pre-Fabulous...

Pre-fab Green Homes
April 28, 2007
1:00 - 3:00 P.M.
Chicago Center for Green Technology
445 North Sacramento Boulevard

Sponsor: Chicago Center for Green Technology,
Free event. Registration required.

Presenter: Jay Swoboda, ecoUrban Homes

Expressing one’s self through a custom-designed home is often beyond the financial reach of many buyers. This seminar will explain how modular and other styles of pre-fab construction can offer design and production technologies that have the potential to deliver affordable, high quality homes to EVERYONE. Finally, we will take a look at how market-forces are making green homes and green products make sense financially to both builders and homeowners.

Register by calling the hotline at 312/746.9642, or by emailing your desired class and contact information.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I can almost taste it...

Slow but ever so slowly I'm getting things worked out with Contempri Homes. I guess in this business once you are in line and make a go to the END OF THE LINE. Still stuggling with doors and windows but everything else is ready to go. I will soon be placing orders for flooring, fixtures, appliances, etc. and with any luck we should have the unit delivered by the middle of April. In the meantime, lots of prep work for our other lots, but it is going smoothly. Website is really looking good and now I just need to get the details of our sales and marketing figured out. I can almost taste it...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 boots got dirty

Ground is all sorts of dug up, concrete and waterproofing are in place...just waiting on a confirmation from Contempri Homes for a delivery date - but I have to stop making changes to the design if I am to get this before March. I guess after waiting this long another month will only give me more time to get our sales package and marketing more developed.