Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Affordable LEED Platinum

As sad as it may be to see the first home I ever built be sold...I've decided that 3140 Pennsylvania's days as a display home of affordable green home building are winding down. So, for all you green building lovers and those willing to subject yourself to lower utility bills and ultra-healthy indoor air quality then for the BARGAIN price of $205,000 I will hand over the keys to the 10th LEED for Homes Platinum certified residence in the United States - right here in St. Louis!

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Call me for a tour anytime at 314.922.4357 and start saving energy before the cold months have time to send your gas bill through your roof. JS

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Unique Toronto Homes said...

This is quite a home. Building to LEED standards is something that has caught on so quickly, but it's very difficult to accomplish cost-effectively with single family infills.

Here in Toronto, we are starting to see an increasing number of LEED properties, although mostly in the commercial fields. Exciting to see more residential coming online.


Paul Johnston
Unique Urban Homes Toronto