Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Lazy Environmentalist Rules

Just the other day , I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Josh Dorfman, AKA the Lazy Environmentalist . Josh is a great guy who is fostering a pragmatic and insightful approach to green living based on the notion that in order for green to become mainstream, it has to be something regular folks can get on board with.

The Lazy Environmentalist
"No guilt-trips. Never any sacrifice. Josh introduces listeners to cutting-edge, eco-friendly products and services and features interviews with the designers, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are demonstrating how many of today's best choices are green choices."

You can check out the interview in mp3 format here:

Part I - 11 minutes

Part II - 11 minutes

Enjoy and be sure to check out Josh's show everyday on Sirius-


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