Thursday, November 03, 2005

Infill Development Details

Who are the Buyer’s:
College educated couples (married, unmarried living together) transitioning from first or second jobs out of college into a more permanent position or having successfully launched their own business. Also, could be an empty-nester couple looking for good city living or divorced professional looking to start over. Emphasis on young architects and design professionals. The big issue is someone who wants a yard and doesn’t want a condo fee and likes the idea of working in a community garden and volunteering at the senior center across the street.

Price Range:
$169900 @ 1258 sq. feet without a garage and $189900 with garage and $189900 @ 1440 sq. feet (involves stretching house approx. 6 more feet) without a garage and $209,900 with garage. We would like to push this upward by at least $10,000 through our marketing and promotion of the area, which will not only get everyone on our side in the neighborhood but will lead prospective homeowners to our development(s) by directing a significant portion of our efforts to pumping up Benton Park West.

Size of Home:
1258 up to 1440 square feet

Check out which provides data on a group of participants who responded to a survery about home size and city living.

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